Author – Ben Howard

Dialysis is a process whereby blood from your body is filtered through a dialysis robot. Dialysis is required when your kidneys stop working correctly I.E less than 20% of there normal function. A dialysis machine requires water to purify your blood via a membrane filter. This article will cover two things the design phase and the construction and how in each phase we need to consider dialysis patients and how we can mitigate risk.

Two Things

  • Design Phase
  • Construction Phase

Design Phase

When connecting water mains you need to consider dialysis patients. Calling your local health system is a good start, as they can give you the the address of current patients in your city. Including this information in tender documents for the contractor e.g SID (Safety in Design) and Design Report will help inform the contractor of the risk of dialysis patients. The key thing here is the contractor is made aware of the risks associated with dialysis patients.

Construction Phase

Before the contractor connects the water supply pipes they should let the residents know usually by sending out a flyer or letter, this way homeowners including dialysis patients have forknowlage of the dates when the work will be carried out.

Just recently I had to ask for this information from my local health care system, when I was working on the design of a new water supply pipe. I want to share with you the lessons I learnt.

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