Author – Ben Howard

  • One Pressure – Drinking water needs pressure. Water pressure is critical in all water supply systems. Water pressure lets you take a shower, water the garden and allows firefighters to save lives! A typical water supply pressure is 400 kpa or 40m of head.
  • Two Safety – Your water needs to be safe, that means meeting your local council standards. We use many methods of neutralizing harmful bacteria and viruses in your water a common couple are UV and chlorine disinfection.
  • Three Reticulation – When I design water mains its important water doesn’t become stagnant. Stagnation occurs when water isn’t subject to flow, stagnant water harbours bacteria and fungi quickly degrading water quality. The way engineers get around this problem is by using loops instead of dead ends in our designs, thus keeping the water flowing.
  • Four Valves – When water is at high pressure/velocity it wants to move in a straight line, imagine going really fast then suddenly turning. the same concept is true with water, to mitigate this we use all kinds of valves and connections to keep the water running smoothly as it’s moving right under our feet.
  • Five Distribution – For water to get to your home it needs a pipe, you can think of a water pipe as a high-pressure cylinder that keeps your water safe from bacteria while pressurised. We use many different types of pipes the most common one is HDPE (High-density Polyethylene).

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